Saturday, September 14, 2013

Liz's Media Review


People in the media like to analyze other people's projects, so this is an analyzation of the media that I watch or listen to.

This is not a complete list, just some stuff I thought to add. There are so many great and wonderful artists out there that it is hard to list everyone. 

Most Watched You Tube Videos:

Neil Young, Harvest Moon.


Neil Young at BC Olympic Closing Ceremony. 


City of Doyle. St. John's NFLD

My mother was from NFLD so I have a special place in my heart for this video. 


Van Morrison's Moondance
Another of my favorite songs. 


The combination of Rikki, Daz and Glen Campbell in this is a riot.  The music and singing are wonderful, the dancing is amazing and Rikki is funny. 


Rod Steward, Forever Young.  A long time favorite song. 


Chris de Burgh, Where peaceful waters flow. Another favorite. 


Geico wood chuck commercial.  Every time I need a good laugh, I watch this. 


Penquin Plays Table Tennis.   Need a good laugh? Watch these two videos.


Movies Watched   (Started September 14, 2013)

Harley's Hill - This is a really cute family horse movie.  One can't help but fall in love with the kid and horse.

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE:  This is among one of my favorite love stories. I especially like the part where she's reading the really nice love letter to her girl friends at the office and the one says "who wouldn't want to be some one's true north?"  And then the boss shows up...the subtext is really good in this scene.

SOCIAL NETWORK:   This movie was well done. What could have been a boring docu-drama was turned into a eye catcher.

FLIGHT OF THE REINDEER:   One of the best Christmas movies that I've ever seen.

THE SOUND OF MUSIC:   This will probably always be the best movie of all time as they will never be able to replicate the music and the story.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA:   Amazing, brilliant, stunning, and incredible.

HAPPY FEET:  This movie is way too cute.


Music listened to:   

Sound track for TITANIC.....powerful, amazing, beautiful.

The Irish Descendants:  these guys are from Newfoundland and if you like Irish, Celtic type music, you will love these guys.

JIM BRICKMAN:  This guy's music is so relaxing, I could listen to it all day.

GARFIELD:  The album 'Out There Tonight' is one of my favorites.

BLUE RODEO:  These guys are in a league all their own, their music is a wonderful blend of country, rock, blue grass.

Chris de Burgh  Totally love this guys music, soul moving stuff.

Andre Bocelli.  Another great singer.

Chris Kristofferson  I found this old record of my brothers cleaning out my parents basement, totally love it.


TV Shows watched:


This is one of the cutest shows ever made. The cast are fun and exciting.  Can't get enough of it.

SURVIVOR:  There's nothing like a good beach scene in the middle of winter.

REPUBLIC OF DOYLE:  Cute quirky detective show filmed in NFLD.  The NFLD scenery is good but all the face bashing taints the show.

YOUNG RIDER:  The cast in this show is 'hot stuff', and the 'girl undercover' thing is really neat. The script is really well done but I find that there's too much violence and guns in it for my liking.  The horse back riding is amazing...strong and powerful.

BEACH COMBERS:    This show totally knows how to utilize the great BC scenery into their story.  There is a really cute little cast and is a well rounded, good ole, Canadian production.

HEARTLAND:  This would be a really great family/horse show but unfortunately because it airs on CBC, who is not happy unless there is tons of bickering or face smashing, all the intense drama really taints the great family  show that this has the potential to be.  Some episodes are really excellent, especially when there is good horse riding but the constant bickering is a bit much at times.  The episodes have improved over the years, there seems to be more good horse scenes in it now than before.

THE ROAD TO AVONLEA:  Quote from staff member:  "This show speaks to the values that we all hold dear: family and community."  Well said.  Great show.

Anne of Green Gables:     By the same creators of Road to Avonlea. Another brilliant production, heart warming.

CASHING IN:    This dramedy show is funny.  It's a good plot and cast and appropriately rated as adult entertainment.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS:  I've watched this soap opera since it's inception in the 1970s.  I was always a big fan of Ashley and couldn't believe that they fired someone who was part of its success so I quit watching it after that.

REIGN:  This new show looks really good.  The music, costumes, setting, script, acting, every thing looks fantastic.  GOLD FEVER:  This is a really well done docu/drama/costume show about the California gold rush.

COAST:  This is a really good documentary series that follows the coast line of the United Kingdom. There have been two different Narrators and both of them are good at what they do.  The photography is usually amazing.    Klondike Mini-series.  I really enjoyed this show.  Some good acting, some good scenery, some good lines, especially the Indians in the last episode.  The girl and the hotel, the priest...all good stuff.   A realistic view of what happened up there.  Great show.

The Waltons   I always enjoyed this show. Morally correct for the most part.

The Bachelor:   I've watched this show since it's inception and find it quite entertaining.  There's just something about that 'raw talent' with reality tv that you don't find in scripted tv.

  Caribbean Workout with Dave Snively.  This is for sure one of the best work program series ever produced.

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